Vampire Knight cosplay

Cosplay Vampire KnightVampire Knight Cosplay: Two groups of students who attend Cross Academy. These two groups are the Day Class and the Night Class. Cross Academy has two prefects, or guardians of the school. They are Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu. Their job as guardians is to protect the Night Class’ secret from the Day Class students – the secret that the Night Class is all vampires.

Vampire Knight cosplay

Vampire Knight Cosplay Night Class with this Vampire Knight Boy Night Cosplay Halloween Uniform. This costume will make you the same as Boy Night in this Vampire Knight cospaly costume for cosplay show. It comes with a jacket, vest, trousers, tie, shirt.

Vampire Knight cosplay Day Class with this Vampire Knight Boys’ Day Class Halloween Cosplay Uniform. Make you the same as character in this VAMPIRE KNIGHT Cospaly costume for cosplay show. It comes with kit, vest, trousers, tie, shirt, arm band.

There are other girls and boys Vampire Knight Cosplay costumes on. If you are Vampire Knight cosplay lovers, you have a look.

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