Top 3 Famous Costumes


No matter of course she is the No.1 costume wearer. Almost all the young people in the world have heard about her name. If people can’t figure out what a costume is good for their Halloween, hey will think about these costumes worn by Lady Gaga. he costume in her “Poker Face” MTV is a good example.

The Bachelor costumes

It is a costume that can’t be better for a single guy who is looking for love. earing a nice suit with your hair trimmed you hand out  the rose to the most beautiful girl in your party.

Katy Perry costumes

Katy Perry costumes

This Halloween costume it can be a Katy Perry costume: ou can dress up as Katy Perry in her “California Gurls” TV.

Sarah/Bristol Palin costumes

Sarah/Bristol Palin costumes

Bristol Palin who is an activist seems to become more well known than her mother who acts in  Dancing With The Stars that is the No.1 show on TV and wins millions of fans in the USA. f your route is traditional, you can have a try the Sarah Palin for your Halloween costume.

Street Fighter Chunli Halloween Cosplay Costume

chunli cosplayHalloween is a special day in western courtiers. On Halloween day, there are many activities, attending costume parties is one of the most funny things. Attending costume parties need Halloween costume. Halloween costume are costume worn on halloween day. Wearing costumes has long been associated with other holidays around the time of Halloween, even Christmas, the Halloween costume was worn by adults as much as children.

In the costume parties, want your Halloween costume be the focus? Ok, now here is Street Fighter Chunli Halloween Cosplay Costume for you. Chunli halloween cosplay costume is a very good costume to attend costume parties.

chunli cosplay costume

Street Fighter Chun Li Halloween Costume

This Street Fighter Chunli Halloween Cosplay Costume is a Chinese Qipao which is an early 20th century Chinese dress. In the street fighter I, Chunli dresses in these blue costume (qipao).It includes these :

Body skirt






You are too bright to hide in costume parties in this Street Fighter Chunli Halloween Cosplay Costume!