The world’s five highest-rated Japanese animes

TOP 1  GUNDAM(1.32 billions)

From 0079 to the SEED, full 26 years. Gundam series has already become indispensable to our anime fan a work! Particularly high in Japan and China by the majority of the support! In the U.S., its popularity has reached the top! Gundam series of animation, in total the global rating was 1.32 billions!

TOP 2  Saint Seiya(410 millions)

Whether it is childhood memories, and present The Hades Chapter Inferno, this animated, whether in Japan or in China and other countries have already become well-known masterpieces! The total audience was 410 millions!

TOP 3  Detective Conan(387 millions)

Dare not to imagine that they did not think about it even Gosho Aoyama! Serial Conan movie has been ten years! Ah ages masterpiece really! Conan’s global rating was 387 millions!

TOP 4 TOUCH(360 millions)

TOUCH comics of Adachi Mitsuru to the present 440 millions total sales! And its animated release is the desire of each TOUCH fan! In China, Japan, Canada, South Korea and the United Kingdom and other places that TOUCH can be known to everybody! And it’s overall rating to the present rate of 360 millions!

TOP 5 Dragon Ball(341.2 millions)

Dragon Ball is an old film, and is a pure blood young animation, Akira Toriyama’s masterpieces. You can say that Dragon Ball is the work of several generations, but the popularity trend did not diminish. The birth of animation is more dramatically, the rating of China alone has more than 132 millions! The global rating was 341.2 millions!

Love Inuyasha

 Inuyasha I never have seen Inuyasha this cartoon, but recently interested in cosplay, including Inuyasha is one of the hot objects to cosplay I became more interested, and then began to collect the information about Inuyasha.

After a preliminary search, I found it has really a lot of person, the relation is very complex, their names are also very strange, but everyone still has their own person they like, some people even like not only one. I was just starting from Inuyasha.

Inuyasha’s father is a big demon like a dog leading the west countries and his human mother so he became a half monster, because wants to become fully by the devil and coveted the jade protected by a female witch Kikyou, then was in a relationship with her, so he began to like Kikyou at first.

50 years later, one young girl called Higurashi Kagome crossed into warring states period, and released the seal of Inuyasha ,then in the process of collecting the jade, she also gradually had a crush on Inuyasha, living sentimentally.

The original cartoon also have love part, just like the movies about love, seemly can attract us, I don’t know Inuyasha eventually being together with who, and I don’t know when I would also obsess anime.

Hayao Miyazaki talk about his emotion

Kokurikozaka Kara

Before Kokurikozaka Kara the theme song made at the meeting, Hayao Miyazakisaid the March 11 earthquake occurred in eastern Japan, “For many people who are in now can not be buried, lost part of the territory of the country make the animation this matter, I was deeply conscious. Although it is now in the exploration stage of development of civilization, but now is not the time emphasizing on the culture.”

After the “311 earthquake”, the Japanese planned outage so that the Kokurikozaka Kara production experienced a lot of trouble, often during the day and power outages, to the production staff to begin work at night, so in order to catch up with production schedules, they often work overtime at night.

Hayao Miyazaki said: “This is not the fantasy production of the period. So we are not suitable for making games. Now is the time to make living human”. The same as the planning is “to say that major events can stand the test of time, not to do it now. The demand for sea is essential for the future.” Miyazaki style incentives also issued that: “Japan is the state of grace by nature, even encountered such a thing, is a country with good benefits.” In addition, Ghibli has also revealed that donations for the earthquake affected areas, but did not disclose the specific amount of donation.