Love Inuyasha

 Inuyasha I never have seen Inuyasha this cartoon, but recently interested in cosplay, including Inuyasha is one of the hot objects to cosplay I became more interested, and then began to collect the information about Inuyasha.

After a preliminary search, I found it has really a lot of person, the relation is very complex, their names are also very strange, but everyone still has their own person they like, some people even like not only one. I was just starting from Inuyasha.

Inuyasha’s father is a big demon like a dog leading the west countries and his human mother so he became a half monster, because wants to become fully by the devil and coveted the jade protected by a female witch Kikyou, then was in a relationship with her, so he began to like Kikyou at first.

50 years later, one young girl called Higurashi Kagome crossed into warring states period, and released the seal of Inuyasha ,then in the process of collecting the jade, she also gradually had a crush on Inuyasha, living sentimentally.

The original cartoon also have love part, just like the movies about love, seemly can attract us, I don’t know Inuyasha eventually being together with who, and I don’t know when I would also obsess anime.

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