Japan,Come on !

When it comes to Japan, I can associate many beauties, such as sakura, hot spring, anime, coplay, cosmetic etc. Although I have never been Japan, but it should be a beautiful country in my mind. However, this country is suffering disasters.

An 8.9 magnitude earthquake hinted Japan in March 14, 2011. Victims has exceeded 10,000 person so far. Besides, nuclear power stations in Japan are in danger. Most residents around the nuclear power stations had been evacuated. Earthquake is a big disaster for Japanese, without doubt that the blast of a nuclear power station makes Japanese situation severe.

I have no courage to see pictures or videos about Japanese earthquake. They remind me about WenChuan Earthquake in China, there were so many person lost their home, relatives and friends as well. According to some experts, the earth’s crust has entered into active period, so there may more and more earthquakes will happen in the world. However, we don’t know where will suffer this disaster. What we can do is to pray for victims and do our efforts to help them.

One news that 2012 is on the way is continually spreading. We cannot tell whether it is true or fake or not. If rumors are true, it’s really terrible. Everyone is afraid of death. It’s our instinct to seek to live on. When I saw those ones who were in dilemma where no water, no food exists still didn’t give up, I admire them. The awareness to live on is so important that supporting one nation, even person around the world to overcome any difficulty.

I hope Japanese can fast tide over this disaster with the aid of other countries. No matter what the past was, it’s equal for every person faced with life. No one has right to overlook life.

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