How to cosplay Neon Genesis Evangelion Ritsuko Akagi?

Recently, I have seen many questions about Neon Genesis, Evangelion Ritsuko Akagi and how to cosplay Ritsuko Akagi .In my last article, I have written plot and characters in Neon Genesis Evangelion, so if you have no learning about it, you may view it at first.

As to the question how to cosplay Ritsuko Akagi, I want to say it in three aspects.

1. Ritsuko Akagi cosplay costume

If you want to have a very perfect cosplay, costume is the most important thing, your costume must be almost the same as the character you will portray. In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ritsuko Akagi dresses in a blue and black skirt with a Beige cloak outside.

2. Cosplay wig

Ritsuko Akagi is short yellow hair, so you need a short yellow  cosplay wig. Of course, if your hair is the same as Ritsuko Akagi, you don’t need wear a cosplay wig.

3. Feature

Except for appearance, feature is very important as well, only learn of her features can you portray out her vividly. Ritsuko Akagi is a extremely intelligent girl, so when you cosplay her, you must be very intelligent, then you can be the same as Ritsuko Akagi really!

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