Have You Met Arale In The Street?

Dr. Slump was the beginning of Akira Toriyama’s fame. Many people have the memery of her who is a humanoid robot. Have you met Arale in the street? There is a girl cosplaying Arale. She is similar to Arale.

The lovely girl named Grapo. She is very popular on the Internet because of her rich expressions, smart appearance and cute poses. Her photos that about Arale’s cosplay are spread quickly on the Internet. Happy Camp which is the most popular TV program had visited her to take part in them.

Grapo is only four years old. She has bright eyes and long hair. She likes smiling and playing. Her favorite food is ice cream. Her fans call themslves as raisins. How lovelyGrapo is!

Do you love Arale? Do you want to cosplay her as Grapo? Have a try with your imagination!


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