Fascinating But Frustrating Journey–Spirited Away

A ten-year old girl named Chihiro and her parents find a strange otherworldly realm when they investigate a hillside tunnel on their way to their new house. Left alone, she has to survive and try to save her mother and father (who have been turned into swine) by taking a job as a servant in an ornate bath-house where spirits come for purification and refreshment. There she has to deal with the proprietor, a sorceress with a huge baby;  handsome young apprentice who can transform himself into a dragon; a huge slime creature that somehow transmutes into a being called “No-Face“

And the sorceress’ twin sister, who possesses a powerful amulet the apprentice tries to steal.   Watching the film is like experiencing someone else’s dream: it’s fascinating but frustrating, a journey that’s often thrilling but also frequently absurd, and with a destination that seems banal by comparison to what’s preceded it.

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