2011 Best Bleach Cosplay

Now, sharing a good video to you, after you have seen it, you have to use some information of my post for you news idea.
The video is the 2011 best bleach cosplay, if you want to cosplay bleach which I got proposal from internet, I think it very well, and it also very fit the cosplayers.

Picking popularity role;

this is what we must follow the principle in cosplay show that if you are not handsome that you must not cosplay the beautiful shape role and if you don’t choose the proper that you do not to cosplay;

if couldn’t find out the right boy, that you can let girl to do; Choose the suit pose and plot for you bleach cosplay;

The cosplay and wig can go to buy from on the internet, but you can homemade them, such as the Zanpakutou, you can homemade it, that you remember that the Zanpakutou can not strong, but to have the effect of threatening;

The bleach cosplay show must be extremely lifelike, the resemblance is not important.

This is the need watchful place, Now, I share some bleach cosplay costume and cosplay props.

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